What if you wake up one morning and see that bridge is gone that you use to go to your office? Generally, we do not notice the impact of bridges but if we think carefully we will decode the answer that bridges play a crucial part for the nation’s overall development. The economic and political impacts of bridges cannot be denied due to their significance in human lives. Our modern lives are connected with bridges. Bridges are of great importance that connects our personal and professional lives. A bridge becomes a companion when it comes to adding life with a livelihood. We should protect these structures for moving forward.

About the Infrastructure of a Bridge

Bridges are recognition of a nation’s infrastructure. Bridges play an important role in connecting people, good and transports. A bridge’s close down can halt economic progress of any nation. Services those are no longer available can be simply completed with the help of bridges. Shipping materials and good are transferred from one place to another through bridges. You can travel beyond your own communities. Bridges are a way to travel far from the chaos of everyday life. Consumers are able to deliver their goods.

Economic Impacts of Bridges

  • Bridges are used for shipping raw materials and goods. You can move them to different factories, warehouses, suppliers, distributors, stores and many more. Bridges can be used for travel purposes too. Purchasing goods and services are another economical impact of bridges.
  • Wages earned after a bridge is built goes to the development arena. It easily pays off more than investment. It helps a nation’s economy to grow higher than ever. Maintenance workers get facilities in this case. They can buy things to invest in local business.
  • Bridges build an excellent relationship between where there is good money there are authentic goods. One place supplies goods and other pays off well for that stuff. Here is an exchange of power. This way a bond is built between workers and investors. Raw materials are transferred to industrial areas in the easiest way.
  • When a bridge is built it might cause you initial problems but later, big transports can use it, so there are less accident, fewer traffic jams, and less pollution. Even in case of passing of any ambulance bridges play a significant role. Bridges have different routes. This way it is easy to reach in time.
  • When roads are made between rivers it becomes harmful for nature. It brings natural calamities and disasters. Clogged up water system is responsible for the damaged draining system. When bridges are built over rivers no problem occurs. Also, boats and ships can move easily and no damage is made. The ecosystem will be balanced this way too.
  • The proper drainage system will make sure there is no clogged up path during monsoon. It will ensure less traffic jam and less accident.
  • When big transports can move faster, goods will be delivered sooner. So less rotten materials will be delivered. Frozen stuff can be delivered sooner and it will keep its freshness intact.

Political Impacts of Bridges

  • As the average bridge age is rising, the United States of America needs to spend $120 billion to complete or repair bridges. They need workers and engineers. Sometimes they hire efficient engineers and designers from both home and abroad. This way a good relationship is built between some different field’s people. People’s trust is built. It has also got some economic value.
  • Building safe and long lasting bridges is exemplary for both own and outside people. It is recognition for both the nation and the world. This is an example of development towards the outward world. As a good example is set to a good relationship is brought.
  • Adding footpath on bridges can add new dimensions, it often helps them to enjoy the beautiful site. It becomes a natural heritage site for people coming from outside too.
  • Small trees can be planted to enhance the beauty of the bridges, colorful lights will make sure there happens no occurrence during night time.
  • Bridges connect communities of distant places. Bridges bring diversity. Good quality is maintained. Both diversity and quality bring new joy. Raw materials contribute to new inventions. This way one good relation is built with consumer and government.
  • The government collects sales taxes through the income coming from bridges. That goes to the overall development or any local business help.
  • Firms need efficient workers. Contractors bring more people from different communities. A contract has to first bid and then win with the lowest quotation. It needs an experienced mind.
  • Good bridges set examples. It is a symbol of the growth and development of a nation. When private firms get contracts of a bridge, it helps them to state their names. This is a good opportunity for new builders.
  • Building bridges are not the only purpose. You need to build relations too. Building relation requires keeping a connection with both consumers and businessman. A bridge when built needs other nations support. This way a good relationship is built within countries.
  • Bridges are a means of connection between research and practice. A bridge’s ability to stand on anyone’s expectation requires a lot of dedication and research. As ‘Rome was not built in a day’, a bridge cannot be built overnight. It needs lots of planning, dedication, money and enthusiastic workers who are eligible to take risks. This is the visible base of a bridge that it stands on.

Unsafe bridges are not only harmful but also they cause higher insurance premium. No one wants to pay easily for that insurance nor do they want to damage a national property. As bridges are recognition of a nation. Bridges hold government’s reputation. This is why when building a bridge a government takes time to decide, appoints the best engineers, designers, and efficient workers from both home and abroad. Tax collection keeps these bridges effective and clean. Bridges are the bridge of relationship among people, government, goods, and money.



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