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    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Surveying
    • Details of Construction
    • Engineering Materials
    • Quantity Surveying
    • Mechanics of Solids
    • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Design of Concrete Structur…

dam is a constructed barrier that holds back water and raises its level. The important uses of dams have made it a matter of great concern for the human civilization.

There are many dams in this civi…

There are a lot of quotes related to civil engineering on the internet. We have gathered together all the inspirational, funny, motivating, interesting quotes related to civil engineering here. You wi…

What is Passometer?

Passometer is an electromechanical and portable instrument, which count the number of paces or velocity of the body movement. It automatically records the number of paces. Its mech…

Foundation is the most important part of any structure. Stability of any structure mainly depends on the stability of the foundation. These value of foundation makes foundation repair work very crucia…



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