Uses of Rapid Hardening Cement

RHC develops high early strength. This characteristic is very convenient for concrete works. Some uses of rapid hardening cement are given below-

  • For roads, pavements, and highways construction, RHC is used for early strengthening so roads can be made available for use faster than OPC construction.
  • In cold weather countries, RHC is used. As RHC has a high heat emission rate and develops high early strength, the damage from frost and freezing can be reduced.
  • As RHC attains sufficient hardness quickly, formworks can be removed earlier. Therefore, in concrete construction where formwork needs to be removed promptly, RHC is used.
  • Precast structures like slabs, poles, pillars are produced using RHC for efficient development works.
  • In a construction site where frequent sulfate attacks happen, RHC can be used. Because RHC is sulfate resistant.
  • For repair works of building or road, RHC can be used because of its early strengthening characteristic.


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