White Portland cement, as the name indicates, is a kind of cement with white color. It is the same as ordinary gray Portland cement except in respect to color and fineness.

Snowcrete is the commercial name given to White Cement.



The color of a structure is very important in the perspective of the architectural point of view. White cement produces a concrete with perfect and uniform color throughout. It is possible to produce very light shades of pastels and other colors by adding pigments with white cement which are not possible with normally used Gray Portland Cement. Besides, there are various uses of White Portland Cement.

Other main features of White Portland Cement are given below:

  • The color of cement is an especially important issue in the white cement. Therefore, the principal concerns are consistency in brightness and tone.
  • The quality of raw materials and the manufacturing process affects the color of the white cement.
  • This cement is made from raw materials containing very little Iron Oxide and Manganese Oxide. These oxides influence whiteness and undertone of white Portland cement.
  • Generally in white cement China clay is used, together with chalk or limestone.
  • The oil used in white cement as fuel for fuel for the kiln in order to avoid contamination by coal ash.
  • The manufacturing process of white cement should be controlled with special precautions.
  • White cement’s chemical composition and physical characteristics meet the specifications of Type I Portland cement.


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