The raft foundation or mat foundation is a very popular type of foundation. Before selecting raft foundation for a project, its advantages and disadvantages must be considered.

Raft Foundation

Advantages of Raft Foundation

Followings are the advantages of raft foundation:

  • Mat foundation can be provided where the shallow foundation is necessary but soil condition is poor.
  • It resists differential settlement. • Mat foundation requires less earth excavation.
  • Mat foundation itself can be considered as a floor slab. So it reduces the cost of constructing floor slab.
  • Distribute loads over a larger area. 

Disadvantages of Raft Foundation

Followings are the disadvantages of raft foundation:

  • Prone to edge erosion.
  • Special measurements are needed when mat foundation is subjected to the concentrated load.

The above limitations of mat foundation can be avoided by taking necessary steps.

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