As a deep foundation system, caisson has some advantages and disadvantages. Before selecting caisson foundation for a project, one must know the advantages and disadvantages. The major advantages and disadvantages of caisson foundation are given below.

Advantages of Caisson Foundation

Followings are the advantages of caisson foundation:

  • Caissons are economic.
  • It is environment-friendly. There are slightly less sound pollution and reduced vibration.
  • It is easily adaptable to varying underwater soil conditions.
  • Caisson has high horizontal and lateral loading capacity.
  • Minimum handling equipment is required for placement of reinforcement cage.
  • It is sometimes used in types of soils where driving pile could not penetrate.
  • Caissons can be reached to great depths.
  • There is a direct and effortless way to go to the bottom of caissons to remove any kind of obstruction.
  • Quality control of pneumatic caisson is good as it is built on dry conditions.

Disadvantages of Caisson Foundation

Followings are the disadvantages of caisson foundation:

  • The construction procedure is extremely sensitive and troublesome.
  • It is not good for polluted sites.
  • It needs expert engineers to design the construction.
  • There is lack of qualified workers.
  • The workers may suffer from giddiness, breaking of eardrums, bursting of blood vessels in the nose or ears and end up in paralytic death which is known as caisson disease.
  • As the pouring of concrete is done underwater, it may not be satisfactory.
  • The help of divers may be required.



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