The three main types of cement that are most commonly used are Portland, blended and hydraulic, but Portland and blended cements are actually hydraulic cement. In fact, most types of cement used in construction are hydraulic.

1. Hydraulic cement:

  • Type GU: General Use
  • Type HE: High Early Strength
  • Type MS: Moderate Sulfate Resistance
  • Type HS: High Sulfate Resistance
  • Type MH: Moderate Heat of Hydration
  • Type LH: Low Heat of Hydration

2. Portland cement:

  • Type I, Type IA : general purpose cements
  • Type II, Type IIA : contain no more than 8% tricalcium aluminate
  • Type III, Type IIIA : similar to Type I but has higher early strength
  • Type IV : develops strength over longer periods of time, used in special type of structures that require heat to be generated from hydration
  • Type V : high sulphate resistance, contains no more than 5% tricalcium aluminate

3.  Blended cement:

  • Type IS (X): Portland blast furnace slag cement
  • Type IP (X): Portrland-pozzolan cement


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