Advantages of Hydraulic Cement

  • Hydraulic Cement is easy to work with, even for beginners.
  • Hydraulic Cement sets and hardens fast. So desirable strength can be achieved quickly.  
  • As hydraulic Cement is waterproof, it can be used for structures submerged underwater
  • Non-corrosive, non-rusting and non-shrinking substance.
  • Hydraulic Cement uses is high as it is a cost-effective solution.
  • Can be used for durable concrete repairs.
  • Can be used in vertical applications. 
  • Can be painted within just 1 hour of being applied
  • Can be used for sealing basement or other concrete leaks, waterproofing and fireproofing.
  • Setting time can be expedited by adding hot water and retarded with cold water

Disadvantages of Hydraulic Cement

  • Hardens very fast, so it must be used within 10-15 minutes of mixing. 
  • This type of cement Cannot be used on frozen surfaces, or in areas where the temperature drops drastically within 48 hours. 
  • Not flexible, hence only suitable for providing mechanical support. 
  • Not recommended to be used when the temperature is below 48°F. 
  • Impermeable to water.


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