Advantages of Blockboard

Followings are the main advantages of blockboard:

  • The stability of block boards are well enough stability, These can even show stability in humid environment those have moisture resistance.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • It can take varnish, paint, and laminate coat on the surface by using glue. Block boards are good for screwing and nailing.
  • For warping or twisting this is a good choice for its resistance quality.
  • They can hold screw, nail and laminating coat and for this, it is easy to work on it.
  • Carpenters can easily use their wood processing tools also for block boards.
  • The lightweight of blockboard made it convenient to use. The bulk of the board made up of core block are also popular for its light weight as made from softwood and easy for transportation.
  • BWP, one variety of blockboard are stronger enough and resistant to both water and humidity.


Disadvantages of Blockboard

Followings are the main disadvantages of blockboard:

  • Block boards are lighter in weight so not much dependable hard material.
  • They are weaker, don’t have long durability. 
  • The unwanted gap between softwood strips make them difficult to work for carpenters
  • Screwing and nailing must be done carefully otherwise it may crack.
  • Shrinkage and swelling of the board may occur.
  • Deterioration of block board is not guaranteed.
  • If the strips inside are from cheap, low quality wood, may be attacked by insects. ;




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