Plywood is an engineered wood sheet material made up of fine layers or flimsy strands of wood veneers attached together placing wood grains 90 degrees to one another. It is one type of manufactured board which can be described as a mixture of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and Chip Board (Particle Board).

Advantages of Plywood

Followings are the advantages of Plywood:

  1. An alternation of the grains is done inside plywood which is called cross graining. It bears importance for some reason which increases the facility of plywood. Such as
    • Cross grainging in plywood helps to avoid the possibility to split while the edges are nailed.
    • It increases the strength of the material.
    • It helps to bind the grains more tightly.
    • Unnecessary expansion and wood shrinkage are avoidable for cross graining.
    • Gives enriched spatial stability. 
    • Board consistency remains firm to all direction due to this.
  2. Plywood has a reduced possibility to bend because odd numbers of plies are attached maintaining balance inside plywood. 
  3. The stiffness of plywood has made it hard to bend and inflexible. 
  4. Plywood helps to contribute to the economy.  
  5. While solid wood is heavy, furniture made from plywood are comparatively lighter to transfer. 
  6. Plywood has an ecological importance.

Disadvantages & Limitation of Plywood

Followings are the disadvantages of Plywood:

  1. Urea and phenol formaldehyde used for gluing causes cancer.
  2. Plywood is in many aspects weaker than wood. 
  3. Not durable like wood.
  4. Not always easy to sculpture on this. 
  5. Lighter than normal wood. 
  6. Without some special resistance method maximum after long-term get attacked by insects.
  7. Plywood cannot be exposed to wet or moisture weather for a long period of time. 
  8. The surface of plywood if not painted well can be peeled off.


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