Softwood Plywood which is also known as spruce-pine-fir or SPF because it’s from spruce, pine, and fir. Though it can be made from cedar (Cedrus sp), douglas fir (Pseudotsugan menziesii). If made from spruce (Picea sp) the prominent grains are coated by a system so that this kind of plywood becomes more effective as hard as concrete and used for shuttering strands and construction.

Uses of Softwood Plywood

Followings are the uses of Softwood Plywood:

  1. For construction work.
  2. In industries. 
  3. For ventilation panel.
  4. For flooring, wall, roofs for building construction.  
  5. For machinery, vehicle parts making.
  6. For packaging.
  7. For making a fence around an area.


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