Do you want to save water during the irrigation process? Won’t you enjoy the calmness when all your plants will get an equal amount of water? Here is the micro irrigation method- Drip Irrigation for you. This type of Irrigation method lets you save water and also allows water to drip slowly into the roots of the plants.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip Irrigation is a kind of micro irrigation system that saves water but at the same time ensures that water reaches the roots of the plants. It works to drip slowly. Drip Irrigation can work from both above or under the surface of the soil. It works effectively to ensure that all your plants get what they need.

How does Drip Irrigation work?

Though Drip Irrigation system works slowly it makes sure that your work is done properly. It drips water straight into the root zone and also minimizes evaporation. There are some networks which are used to distribute water equally among all the plants. These are valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters.

Types of Drip Irrigation system

Drip Irrigation works more effectively depending on how well designed they are. There are some variations of Drip Irrigation. They need a different installation process along with good maintenance service. Some types of drip irrigation are:

  1. Porous Soaker Hose System
  2. Emitter Drip System
  3. Watermatic Drip System
  4. Micro Misting Sprinkler

Brief description of these drip irrigation types are given below:

Porous Soaker Hose System

Porous Soaker Hose system is used in hedges, rows of shrubs and garden beds. It is very easy to operate. This is made of recycled product such as automobile tires. It has numerous holes in it. Porous Soaker Hose has great durability. Its entire body has holes and it sweats water. So roots are always moisturized no matter what the weather is outside.

Emitter Drip System

Emitter Drip System is known for emitting small drops of water into the soil. They are good for landscape with shrubs. One major problem with this drip system is emitters get clogged up rapidly. During the winter, the Emitter Drip System gets hard to work with. It is best to avoid this system at that time. The best thing is hoses are evenly spaced. So your plants get water evenly. Throughout the garden, you will always be satisfied with the water supply.

Watermatic Drip System

Among all of the Drip Irrigation system, Watermatic Drip System is the best. It helps to achieve water conservation when on the other hand it minimizes evaporation. In this system, micro spray heads are used best. This is very important for trees and flower beds. You can use this system in the place where are a poor amount of water supply and use of recycled water.

Micro Misting Sprinkler

Micro Misting Sprinkler is built for vineyards and orchards. You can use it in backyards as well. This system is able to provide equal water in every root. The fake mist in it helps shallow roots to stay calm ever in sunny weather. That is why leaves always look fresh even in gloomy or hot weather. Your plants will never be dehydrated if you use this Drip Irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation Installation

Drip Irrigation installation process requires time to install. But do not worry though this installation process takes time, it does not cost much. You can spend only $300-$750 and get this job done easily by an expert. You must hire effective workers to get this job done. Every plant needs a different amount of water. So the irrigation process should also be different. If you want to install this system you just need to look for some pre-requirements to be done.

Check legal requirements first whether you are eligible to install this in your ground or not. If it is a temporary system then it might need a time frame. Requirements are lighter in this case.

Dividing your garden will give you different types of plants to get planted efficiently. Each plant needs a different amount of water. So know what your plant needs first.

Designing the irrigation layout will give you a clear idea about your ground. You will get a good idea about how deep your tubes can enter. Each drip tube serves a different area. If you have a large ground then different pressures will be used. Connect it with your water supply system. Do not mess up between the water delivery methods.

You must have to choose which one is the best type of irrigation system for you. Every garden’s soil is different and that needs different types of nurturing. According to what you need and which one you can afford you should go for that one.

Uses of Drip Irrigation

You can easily use the Drip Irrigation in farms, commercial greenhouses, residential gardeners. It can also be used where water scarcity is present. Drip irrigation can be effective for roots of crop and trees like coconut and grapes, berry, citrus, strawberries, sugarcane, cotton, maize, and tomatoes.

For effective use, use mainline with a backflow converter, hook up a controller with it. A filter also can be used. The filter will make sure that no extra particle will go into the tube without water. Connect a pressure regulator with it so that you can control the water supply.

A good drainage system gives plant moisture and nutrients along with water. Water is the most important ingredient for plants. Equal water distribution makes it easy for plants growth. Drip Irrigation system ensures that all your plants get water equally. Make sure it is installed properly. Do not forget to use eco-friendly materials. All of these will give you a good gardening experience.



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