Drip tubing is generally made of polyethylene material. It is used for water distribution in drip irrigation. Other drip irrigation kit such as the drippers, sprayers, micro tubing and micro sprinklers are connected into this Poly Drip Tubing.

Drip irrigation tubing

Properties of Good Poly drip tubing

Poly drip tubing must possess certain qualities to serve the purposes. Before buying poly drip tubing one should ensure the following properties.

  • The drip irrigation poly tubing must be manufactured from high-grade polyethylene with UV protection. It ensures a long life of poly tubing.
  • Maximum Pressure of the tubing should be checked. Drip tubing with 20-80psi capacity is available.
  • The drip tubing should be resistant to cracking
  • It should be resistant to heat, ultraviolet stress, and chemicals.
  • It should be strong enough to be installed above or below ground.
  • Drip tubing should have a flexible design. It allows ease of use.
  • Tubing length should be adequate for desired irrigation.




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