The surface Irrigation system is a low-pressure irrigation system. Though it is a high-efficiency irrigation system, it is not flexible like Sub-surface irrigation system. Water is supplied over the soil. Water application is highly uniform and efficient. Water moves around the tube and moves out in all direction. Water is directly supplied to the soil surface. There are some factors which must be taken care of when applying Surface Irrigation.

High value strong rooted vegetable crops like strawberry, tomato, potato, onions, and other vegetables grow well in the Surface Irrigation system. Melon crops are best grown. Depending on the soil type, you should use a variety of Drip Tubes. Water flow is dependent on how muddy or sandy your soil type is. The thickness of drip tubes is responsible for controlling water. A typical layout is always needed. It includes setting a pond, pumping unit, pressure relief valve, check valve, a sand media filter.

In Surface Irrigation system, it is must to have a filtration unit. Filter all those nanoparticles so that they do not make your water filthy. This unit is actually clogged emitter. A filtration system is actually a sand media filter. In this irrigation process, sand media filter is highly desirable.



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