It is always desirable to use the best mortar in constructions. Therefore, the properties of a good mortar must be investigated. Generally, good mortar possesses following properties-

  • The main quality that mortar should possess is adhesion. Good mortar should provide good adhesion to building units (bricks, Stones etc).
  • Mortar should be water resistant. It should have the capability of resisting the penetration of water.
  • Deformability of mortar should be low.
  • Mortar should be cheap.
  • Mortar should be easily workable in the site condition.
  • The mobility of mortar should be good. It helps the mortar to be paved thinly and evenly.
  • It should possess high durability.
  • To improve the speed of construction, good mortar should set quickly.
  • Cracks should not be developed in the joint formed by mortar. It is desirable to last for long period of time without losing the appearance.

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