To produce the best mortar with the available ingredients some precautions are to be adopted carefully. The following factors must be considered to get the most out of the mortar mix.


Precautions Required while Using Mortar Mix

  • Mortar should be mixed in small quantities so that it can be used conveniently before the mortar starts setting. The mortar which has set already should never be used. The followings are the maximum time limits for different kinds of mortar:
    • If mortar contains hydraulic lime (Class A lime) as an ingredient, it shall be used within four (04) hours of grinding.
    • If mortar contains surki or cinders an ingredient, it shall be used within twenty-four (24) hours of grinding.
    • In the case of cement mortar, the time limit is 90 minutes after adding water.
  • In masonry construction work, usable bricks or stones should be soaked in water very thoroughly for at least for 12 hours before they are used in work with mortar. It will prevent the absorption of moisture from the mortar before it sets.
  • Mortar should not contain excess water. It should be as stiff as it can be used without inconvenience.
  • Fresh water should be used in mortar mix preparation. The water should be free from oils, dust, alkalies, etc.
  • Use of seawater in mortar mixture should be avoided.
  • The joints should be well filled with mortar.
  • After casting, mortar works should be kept wet for a week or two. It will prevent the rapid drying of mortar, especially in hot weather.
  • As frosty weather affects the setting of cement, the work should be stopped in frosty weather.

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