Mortar mix is a binding material used for construction purposes. The most commonly used mortar ingredients to make different types of mortar are:

  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Sand
  • Surki
  • Mud
  • Water

For getting a good mortar mix, it is very important to use quality ingredients. Without good ingredients, it is not possible to get the desired quality of mortar mix. The properties of good mortar ingredients are given below.

Properties of Good Mortar Ingredients

Cement: It should be fresh and free from adulteration. To know more about the properties of good cement read >> Properties of Good Cement

Lime: Lime must be well slaked.

Sand: Sand should be sharp, angular and porous. It should be free from salts and other impurities. Read>> Function of Sand in Mortar

Surki: Surki should be perfectly pure and free from foreign matter. It should be sufficiently fine to pass through No. 8(US) sieve.

Mud: Mud should be free from adulteration.

Water: Water should be clean and free from salts and other impurities.



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