To measure something closely we might need a theodolite. This instrument really needed for building construction work. In the field of civil engineering, workers need this to measure each and all works that can be done in proper ways. So, now you have questions on your mind –what is this, and why the workers need to use it in building constructional works?

What is Theodolite?

Theodolite is a measurement instrument utilized in surveying to determine horizontal and vertical angles with the tiny low telescope that may move within the horizontal and vertical planes.

It is an electronic machine which looks sort of a tiny telescope. It is extensively used for the measurement of vertical and horizontal angles for scaling functions and within the housing industry. The accuracy with that these angles may be measured ranges from 5mins to 0.1 secs. It is utilized in triangulation networks.

Theodolites are employed everyplace from construction sites to main road points. It measures angles using age-old principles of pure mathematics and assists surveyors in establishing precise locations.

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Uses of Theodolite in Surveying

Theodolite uses for many purposes, but mainly it is used for measuring angles, scaling points of constructional works. For example, to determine highway points, huge buildings’ escalating edges theodolites are used. Depending on the job nature and the accuracy required, theodolite produces more curved readings, using paradoxical faces and swings or different positions for perfect measuring survey.

Followings are the major uses of theodolite: 

  • Measuring horizontal and vertical angles
  • Locating points on a line
  • Finding the difference in the level
  • Prolonging survey lines
  • Ranging curves
  • Setting out grades
  • Tachometric surveying

The theodolite helps us a good within the engineering field. This instrument plays a major role in measurement horizontal angles, vertical angles, bearing, etc. To use theodolite, it is necessary to know about theodolite parts, types of theodolite, and for what it is used wisely in the field.



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