In civil engineeringsurveying, bearing is the process to get the direction of a survey line. The quadrantal bearing is a common notation system of bearings. it is also known as the reduced bearing. As the name indicates, quadrantal bearing depends upon the quadratic position of a line.

What is Quadrantal Bearing or Reduced Bearing?

The horizontal angle made by a line with the magnetic north or south (whichever is closer from the line) in the eastward or westward direction is theQuadrantal Bearing or Reduced Bearingof the line.

In quadrantal bearing or reduced bearing, both north and south are considered as reference meridians. Depending upon the position of a survey line, the direction of the reference meridian to the line can be either clockwise or anticlockwise. In the expression of the reduced bearing value of a line, quadrant has to be mentioned in which the line lies.

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