Dumpy level and auto level are two different leveling instruments used in surveying. To choose between these two instruments a surveyor must know the differences between them. The main differences between the dumpy level and the auto-level are given below.



 Dumpy LevelAuto Level
1 In the dumpy level survey, staff reading need to be adjusted as inverted level staff reading is seen in the eyepiece. In the auto level, no adjustment for staff reading is required as the actual reading is seen from the eyepiece. 
2 In the dumpy level, to level the bubble, one has to keep the bubble parallel to two leveling screws and then right angle to the third screw. In the auto level, the bubble can be adjusted from any side and any angle with any 3 screws available.
3 The line of sight is manually adjusted in the dumpy level. The auto level has an internal compensator mechanism which automatically adjusts the line of sight.
4 It is difficult to make an accurate measurement with the dumpy level. The measurement accuracy of the auto level is higher than the dumpy level. 

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