Advantages of Plane Table Survey

Followings are the advantages of plane table surveying

  • Plane Table Surveying is most suitable for preparing small‐scale maps.
  • Plane Table Survey is a very swift method of surveying.
  • The field book is not necessary as plotting is done in the field simultaneously with the field work. So the possible errors of the field book can be avoided.
  • The surveyor can compare the plotted work with the actual features of the area surveyed and thus can ascertain if it represents temporarily.
  • It is particularly advantageous in magnetic areas where compass survey is not reliable. 
  • Plane table survey is less costly than most of the surveying technique.
  • It does not require skilled hands.

Disadvantages of Plane Table Surveying

Followings are the disadvantages of plane table surveying

  • Plane table survey cannot be used in rainy season.
  • Plane Table Survey instruments are heavy, cumbersome to carry.
  • The table has to be centered and oriented at every station which is really tiresome. 
  • It never produces accurate results.
  • If the survey is to be re‐plotted to a different scale or quantities are to be computed, it is a great inconvenience in absence of the field notes.



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